Tucker Carlson And Guest Ripped For ‘Disgusting’ Exchange About Pelosi, Husband

Fox News persona Tucker Carlson and former ESPN journalist Jason Whitlock drew criticism Friday for an trade concerning the brutal hammer assault that hospitalized Paul Pelosi, the husband of Home Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.), final week.

Whitlock, who now works for conservative outlet The Blaze, expressed fake indignation on behalf of Nancy Pelosi earlier than alluding to a baseless conspiracy theory that the Friday assault on the couple’s San Francisco house, which left her husband requiring surgical procedure for a fractured cranium, was the results of an argument with a homosexual lover.

Carlson stated he couldn’t “affirm or deny” the suggestion.

Whitlock then repeated the baseless declare once more.

The dialog was “simply pure unvarnished misogyny and homophobia,” stated journalist Aaron Rupar, who shared footage of their feedback on Twitter.

Whitlock, nonetheless, took to the platform to make gentle of the criticism, referring to the section as “comedy.”

However many disagreed, with Bakari Sellers, a Democratic former lawmaker from South Carolina, and others slamming it as “disgusting.”

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