Opinion | Hillary Clinton Accepted Her Loss, but a Lot Has Changed Since 2016

The primary two elements — the sameness inside events and the variations between them — are the results of a long time of modifications. The passage of the Civil Rights Act and the Voting Rights Act within the mid-Nineteen Sixties most likely began the sluggish ideological reshuffling of voters into events, leading to fewer liberal Republicans and conservative Democrats at the moment than there have been within the Fifties. Concurrently, over the a long time, there was less common ground between the two parties, partly fueled by differing positions on points like tax cuts, regulation and abortion. As these points drove a wedge between politicians, voters adopted.

The long-term tendencies are unmistakable. Within the Fifties, the American Nationwide Election Research started asking people, “Do you assume there are any vital variations in what the Republicans and Democrats stand for?” The concern at the time was that events had been native establishments, missing nationwide identities, group and self-discipline — and that due to this, they had been letting voters down by not having the ability to communicate to the nationwide problems with the day. In 1952, 50 p.c of People stated they thought there have been vital variations between the events. In 1984, the share rose to 63 p.c, and in 2004, over three-quarters of the nation noticed vital variations. In 2020, the latest yr the examine requested the query, roughly 90 p.c of People noticed vital variations between what the events stood for. Folks get it: There are two totally different variations of the world on supply.

These tendencies are vital on their very own, however they tackle added significance as a result of they coincide with how individuals really feel about Democrats and Republicans. Substantial fractions of each events say that members of the opposite occasion are extra closed-minded, unintelligent, immoral or unpatriotic than different People, and the hole between how a lot individuals like their very own occasion and dislike the opposite is bigger now than it had ever been. Add to this combine the significance of identity-based points, and you’ve got an especially divisive politics. We’re now not preventing over tax cuts and deregulation; we’re preventing over who will get to name themselves People.

Lurking within the background is the final part of calcification: partisan parity within the voters. If the following election provides the actual promise of controlling Congress or the White Home with out altering course, there may be little incentive for events to take action. Even worse, calcification creates the motivation to vary the principles of elections to get these previous couple of votes essential to get excessive.

However calcification alone doesn’t subvert democratic outcomes. That takes individuals.

What made the aftermath of 2020 stand out from earlier elections was the interplay of calcification with political motion. Particularly, Mr. Trump did the other of Mr. Nixon, Mr. Gore and Mrs. Clinton: He insisted that he won. Different partisan leaders echoed his claims a few stolen election, and voters, appreciating each the variations between the events and the truth that outcomes had been turning on only a few votes, adopted.

So sure, a decades-long drift towards calcification made it attainable, however politicians and their voters made it actuality. In different phrases, it’s of nice consequence who wins elections, however the candidates who lose are equally vital to the way forward for free and honest elections in america.

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