John Oliver Has Easy 2-Word Clue For Knowing When Police Are Full Of ‘Horses**t’

John Oliver known as out the media for putting an excessive amount of belief in police when reporting on crime tales ― resulting in a two-word phrase heard regularly on TV information segments: “police say.”

“Yeah, ‘police say,‘” Oliver stated. “It’s a phrase that you just always hear from the mouths of reports reporters. It’s proper up there with ‘this simply in,’ or ‘again to you,’ or ‘I apologize for the actions I did on Cinco de Mayo.’”

He stated whereas it’s necessary to talk to the police to cowl a narrative, many information reviews merely repeat what’s in a police press launch.

And that may transform an enormous mistake for one easy cause.

“Police lie,” he stated bluntly. “They usually lie rather a lot.”

He recapped a number of the tales which have appeared simply on “Final Week Tonight” through the years.

“They deceive get search warrants to conduct raids and to get confessions throughout interrogations,” he stated. “They usually even lie underneath oath, so typically actually right here in New York it got here to be referred to as ‘testilying.’”

Meaning the phrase of the police must be handled with “immense skepticism” by the media… and Oliver had the receipts with some real-world examples of cops providing “full horseshit” to the media:

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