Bob Woodward Reveals Trump’s Awkward Letters From Kim Jong Un

Journalist and creator Bob Woodward mentioned anybody searching for new perception into former President Donald Trump’s now-famous “love letters” from Kim Jong Un will most likely be disenchanted.

“They are surely type of the fondnesses that youngsters would possibly alternate,” Woodward informed MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell on Tuesday evening. “There’s nothing substantive in them.”

Woodward mentioned he obtained all the roughly 27 letters the North Korean dictator despatched to Trump throughout his presidency. However they’re not precisely advantageous artwork.

“In case you learn by them, you’d type of chortle,” he mentioned. “As a result of Kim is wooing Trump in a really unsophisticated means and says, ‘Effectively, if we meet once more, it is going to be out of a fantasy movie.’ Which, I suppose, is the best way Kim considered it and perhaps, to a sure extent, Trump did.”

Woodward, who simply launched audio of his 20 interviews with Trump, added that the letters had been “nearly extra comedian than severe diplomacy” regardless of coming from “probably the most terrible dictators on the globe.”

See his full dialogue with O’Donnell under:

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